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5 Tings You Didn’t Know About Portugal

Maybe you’re planning to visit Portugal soon, maybe you’ve already been here a couple of times and fell in love with the place as much as I did, or maybe you’re just curious…let’s see if you knew these five fun facts about Portugal! 1. Most people enter their…

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How to Read Labels on Food

The label is the “identification card” of the product, giving us useful information regarding its composition, quantity of its constituents, its validity and other relevant characteristics. There is sometimes a lot of misleading information that only serves to deceive…

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A nap a day keeps the doctor away

It has been a habit that has been lost over time, and that at this moment not all of us have the chance to do it. Those who like it and have a slightly more flexible working life might seriously think about having a 20 minute nap regularly after lunch. There is…

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“Forbidden” foods?

First of all: there are no forbidden foods. There are foods that bring us greater or lesser benefits, just as they can be more or less harmful. In most cases, we know very well which foods have less benefits or can even be harmful for us, but many times we pretend to…

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Carrying the problems of others

“There were two Buddhist monks going through a forest. When they reached the bank of a river, they encountered a young woman who tried to cross it but was afraid of being dragged by the current. Then one of the monks offered to help her. He asked her to climb up onto…

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