About Us

About Us

“Okay, I’ll join you on your Surf & Yoga trip to Portugal” Ali said to her colleague after she told her about her planned holidays during their lunch break. Little did she know that this split-second decision was about to change her life - and Pedro’s as well.

When we met at the end of May in 2017 it took us exactly two and a half months to realise that we shared the dream of having a place where people can escape their busy lives and reconnect with themselves in close contact to nature. During daily skype calls, we quickly developed our realistic holistic concept: a place with yoga for body, mind and spirit, a calm and relaxed atmosphere, homecooked, vegetarian meals sourced from the garden, peace and quiet. Privacy and comfort by having rooms with private bathrooms, small groups that can relax and grow together during their stay.

In December 2017 we were ready to sign the purchase contract of our house. After some delays due to bureaucracy and a lot of rebuildings we made our dream come true: Since 2018 we are welcoming guests in our peaceful, inviting, familiar and nurturing environment that allows our guests to disconnect from their everyday lives, surrounded by nature and oceanside breezes.

Want to feel comfortable as if you were at home but without all the tasks and responsibilities? At our retreat you will find a place to reconnect with yourself, relax completely, and return rejuvenated and peaceful after an unforgettable experience. 


You will leave feeling inspired, relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for whatever is to come.


Our yoga & meditation retreat offers daily yoga classes, meditation guidance, relaxation activities, nourishing, vegetarian food mostly sourced from our garden and comfortable accommodation amid breathtaking surroundings of the Portuguese countryside. We'll take you on guided walks, a day trip to Óbidos and Nazaré as well as to a local winery for a tasting. Find out more about the program here.


In addition to our regular retreats, we also offer yoga teacher trainings and special retreats, e.g. our New Year’s retreat. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to avoid missing our specials!

Our Team

We are a family-run business. Meet the members:



is a true local here in Póvoa. He not only knows the area like the back of his hand but is also a graduate in exercise and health as well as a certified yoga teacher. He has various post graduations in the area of fitness and wellbeing like cardiac rehabilitation and life coaching. In 2022 he completed his Masters at the university of Rio Maior on the benefits of a yoga retreat on sleep, anxiety, glycemia and blood pressure. He quit his job as a fitness director to fulfil his dream of his own business in the area of health & wellbeing together with his business and life partner Ali.

Ali from 4elements yoga retreat portugal in the garden with lettuce

is originally from the south-west of Germany and left everything behind to open 4elements retreat with Pedro. Originally a trained bookworm, she didn’t only change her office job for opening her own business, she also quickly learnt how to cook delicious vegetarian meals for bigger groups. Two trainings in India later, she is now also a certified 500h yoga teacher and took further trainings in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. During the pandemic she also trained hypnotherapy with Marisa Peer and is now a certified RTT© Practitioner, as well as a certified life coach (Alignment Coaching©) working under her own brand.

matteo with singing bowls at 4elements yoga retreat portugal


Youngest staff member and born in November 2020, Matteo is the entertainer here at the retreat. He enjoys everything with wheels, balls and exercising. If you’re up to it, you can make him happy singing “The wheels of the bus” and “Baby shark”.



chickens at 4elements yoga retreat portugal

The Fluffies
Freddy and Shanti, our cats, are an important part of the 4elements family as our pawsitivity managers. Our garden is home to 7 chickens that are busy eating our leftovers and laying eggs for us. The little dog of Pedro’s parents and a favourite of many guests is Nina, who is a daily visitor at the retreat and always ready to receive belly rubs in exchange for warm feelings and happiness.


Antonio from 4elements yoga retreat portugal


Pedro’s father António is responsible for the garden. Working as a farmer all his life he prefers the outdoors. Always in a good mood he would love to talk to you all, if he could speak English 😊 But don’t worry, he’ll show you around the garden and explain everything with hand and feet. António is a passionate fisherman and a great companion for Matteo.

São from 4elements yoga retreat portugal


Pedro’s mother São is the good soul of the house. She is responsible for cleaning the rooms and common area and you won’t see her rest until everything is spotless. She also lovingly takes care of her grandson and is an invaluable help. Look out for your pyjamas neatly folded under your pillow 😉

Where we are

Rua António Franco Nº 1, Póvoa de Penafirme, 2560-046 A-dos-Cunhados, Portugal


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